Christian Philip Hoeck

Christian Philip Hoeck

PhD student in Economics

University of Copenhagen

About me

I am a second-year PhD student at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen and a PhD Resident Fellow at Danmarks Nationalbank. My research interests are macro and labor economics, particularly how firms react to aggregate changes in the labor market.

  • Macroeconomics
  • Labor economics
  • Search & Matching models


Working Papers

Wage effects of labor market tightness

I provide new microeconometric estimates of the effect of labor market tightness on wages at the firm level. Using Danish data on vacancies and unemployment at the occupational level and firm data on the occupational composition of employees, I construct firm-specific measures of labor market tightness. Using this measure, I find a positive effect on wages in response to changes in tightness. The results are in line with the qualitative implications of the canonical search and matching model of the labor market. (Working Paper available here)
- Media Coverage: SUERF Policy Brief

Work in progress

Employer Wage-Setting Power: Evidence from Matched Survey-Administrative Data

-with Antoine Bertheau